10 Body Language Tricks to Become Successful

The Basic Introduction:

A study on communication tells that human communication is done from 2 ways i.e. verbal and non-verbal communication.

Body language is also known as “non-verbal communication” or “non-vocal communication”. This non-verbal communication can consist of tone of your voice, Pitch while you talk to someone, eye movement while speaking or listening or even your dressing appearance.

Therefore body language is one of the most important skills. Communication is done in many ways like listening, speaking and through our body signals also. Sending and receiving body signal are also an important part of communication that can be done deliberately or may be unconsciously. Body language directly reveals what actually a person feels aside from his words.


Why It Is Important?

Body language is very important while conveying your feelings. Your actions speak louder than words and sometimes and sometime you can convey all your thoughts without the aid of a single word. Beside this while listening to somebody we can assure our concentration towards their words by having a positive body language.

For example you need to maintain your voice level and eye movement if you are in a professional meeting. Similarly in an interview sitting straight and a gentle smile would be a great impact of your personality.

Body language plays a crucial role in communicating with people so your words and body language must be synchronized to show the positivity.

Tips To Adopt A Positive Body Language?

1. Stand Straight/Posture 

standing tall or straight will show your confidence and your relax appearance. Experts says that this can also be helpful in increasing your positive hormones in your body. So if you are going to be in a situation where you are supposed to present yourself confidently than stand tall with your head high and shoulder back.

 2. Smile10 Body Language Tricks to Become Successful

Even if you are not so happy a gentle smile would be a great help in boosting up your positive vibes. If you don’t carry a smile on your face it would definitely affect your psychology that you are facing difficulties and it may affect the people around you.

  3. Eye Contact/Eye Movement 10 Body Language Tricks to Become Successful

You may look more attentive in a meeting if you keep your eyes wide open. A proper eye contact will definitely give a positive impression. Eyes can be the most powerful communication tool. You should maintain a consistent eye contact but it should not seem like you are staring. It should be gentle and natural.

4. Maintain Personal Space

Personal Space do not refer to the space our body will take by default, but the space in which one feel comfortable and if someone enter in that space it causes an uncomfortable situation. So while communicating you should take care of that. Maintain an appropriate socially safe distance. Also avoid to touch to any body parts.

5. Hands Gestures10 Body Language Tricks to Become Successful

Hands can be incredibly expressive so hand should be in control. Rubbing your hands continuously while talking can be a negative sign. So keep your hands away from your face. You should open your hands as much as you can that shows your open thoughts and confidence.

6. Facial Expression10 Body Language Tricks to Become Successful

Facial expression can be easily read so be calm while listening that shows your interest. Try to give some positive verbal clues from your expression this will show your interest in the matter.

7. Don’t Involve In Useless Activity

Do not get involve in some useless activity such as biting nail, playing with pens that can distract you from the discussion.

8. Include Everyone10 Body Language Tricks to Become Successful

Try to be in a situation where you include other rather than exclude. May be the other person does not have positive body language, but don’t let them ruin your positive one.

9.Wear Appropriate Emotions10 Body Language Tricks to Become Successful

It’s not about being happy always. If you feel sad feel free to express it. Don’t hide your emotion it can make your body language fake and would be a negative signal for others.

10.Slow Down

If you have to repeat yourself again and again then you need to slow down your voice speed as it usually mean that the other person cannot catch you. So be aware about your voice tone and speed.

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